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DTU Wind Energy (Risø) and Vortex sign an agreement to allow Vortex to deliver WAsP Wind Atlas files

A direct shortcut into WAsP

We are very pleased to announce that Vortex and DTU Wind Energy (formerly Risø National Laboratory), the world’s largest wind energy research institution, have signed an agreement to incorporate DTU’s Wind Atlas technology into Vortex’s modeling chain.

The aim of this agreement is to meet the demand of our users wishing to apply WAsP in their own meso-to-micro downscaling of Vortex products.

To make this task easier, results from Vortex mesoscale MAPS will be available in the WAsP Wind Atlas format (LIB files) as from today.

Not an obvious reformatting exercise

Exporting modeling results into Wind Atlas files is not a simple format transformation.

As WAsP users well know, Wind Atlas are generalized wind climatologies, so to generate them from model results, a “de-modeling” process must be applied in order to “clean” wind from local (in this case, mesoscale) effects.

Using the Wind Atlas files exporting feature (exclusive for Vortex users) will allow you to downscale mesoscale information, done the right way.

By using MAP’s Wind Atlas in WAsP, as many microscale calculations as needed within a large region can be generated through in an efficient and cost-effective process.

To make this even easier, multiple orography and roughness maps (in WAsP format) are available a couple of clicks away within the Vortex Interface.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us

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