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ERA5 downscaling results

ERA5 Vortex downscaling validation results to be presented in Amsterdam

Downscaling of ERA5 reanalysis has been implemented into the whole Vortex modeling chain and has passed demanding internal tests that shown, among other results, an impressive R2=1.00 correlation coefficient reached for the very first time in our records!

It is not only correlation that has dramatically increased, mean wind speed BIAS has also greatly decreased, prompting us to implement ERA5 in all products (MAPS, FARM, LES, etc.) in what can be considered the most important system upgrade since Vortex was founded.

The characteristics of ERA5 and its Vortex implementation & validation will be extensively presented -Next Tuesday 28-November at 14:30 -During WindEurope exhibition (room D403, Elicium -4th floor-)

For that event, we are very pleased to count on the collaboration of Hans Hersbach, C3S Reanalysis Team Leader at ECMWF.

Event’s agenda

Presentation by Pep Moreno (Vortex). 5’
ERA5 Introduction by Hans Hersbach (ECWMF). 15’
ERA5 Validation by Abel Tortosa (Vortex). 15’
ERA5 Consistency by Gil Lizcano (Vortex). 15’
Interested in attending? Please, write us at info@vortexfdc.com to book a place.

See you in Amsterdam soon!

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