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Is your wind farm underperforming?

A recurring debate among wind farm owners and manufacturers revolves around whether turbines were “underperforming” or if production expectations were “too high” and the actual wind resource lower than expected (watch the video here).

Vortex INDEX may help!

By comparing recent months’ data against 20-year series, INDEX is a site-specific Wind and Production Index specially designed to make the recurring “underperformance” debate no longer an issue.

-Concerned about MERRA production being discontinued? No worries, Vortex is already integrating the new interim NASA Reanalysis MERRA2 into our modeling chain. -What happens to existing Vortex SERIES driven by MERRA? They will still be available in your account, bounded by the end of life of MERRA production (Feb’16). -Interested in migrating? Benefit from a 50% discount on reruns of previous MERRA-based SERIES (until Dec’16)

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