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Remodel your SERIES to perform better

One step beyond current long-term extrapolation methods.

We are very pleased to introduce Vortex Remodeling, a completely free feature to enhance your SERIESperformance.

Remodeling points beyond current MCP algorithms that are mostly lineal and use a couple of variables from a single height level. Remodeling uses the large number of variables from all levels generated by atmospheric models and combines this vast amount of information with user’s measurements on a non-linear basis, to produce enhanced long-term time-series that outperforms state-of-the-art methods according to all metrics.

Remodeling was recently introduced by Abel Tortosa, Vortex Forecasting Director, during the Resource Assesment track at EWEA 2014 Conference in Barcelona. Further details here.

A graphical assistant at your service.

Remodeling comes also with a complete remodeling of Vortex Interface for SERIES. As you may have already noticed, when selecting a computed SERIES in Vortex Interface a new, flexible graphical window replaces the standard navigation map.

Remodeling is a straight-forward feature in this new window. For complete instructions, click here

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