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This year promises to be a good one for wind power in Turkey

Turkey has developed the wind industry of the country in the past years, only last year added 766MW reaching 6,857 MW of wind power capacity installed. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez has said “We are third Europe in wind power. This shows there is still a lot of opportunity in Turkey’s renewable energy sector”.  This marks a big opportunity to develop wind farm proyects since were issued preliminary licences for 67 wind projects.

Dönmez  said that At the present, approximately half of Turkey’s energy output comes from local sources and Turkey wants to raise it to two-thirds by 2023.  There are currently more than 30 projects amounting to 800MW under construction that will help to achieve  the country ’s goal.  Following the promotion of wind energy this year Vortex will be present on the ICCI Powered By Power-Gen 2018.

“The Turkish market is in full development and is required to have the necessary tools to make decisions in each phase of the wind projects” said Jordi Ferrer, Managing Director of Vortex. Our company has contributed in multiple wind developments in Turkey providing innovative wind data for new wind farm projects.

Vortex has prepared a study of the wind in the country which will be presented during the ICCI Powered. This validation of Turkey uses LES technology  providing 1 year of wind data, useful for sites where no actual easurements are available. Up to 70 wind sites validate, get to know the results at The ICCI Powered By Power-Gen 2018 this Thursday at 11:30. We hope to see you there!

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