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Two Zero Two Zero


Two, zero, two, zero or twenty twenty or two thousand and twenty; deux mille vingt, zweitausend zwanzig, duemila venti or dos mil veinte… an important figure, right? And now just a few days away. OK, OK, wait a minute. But how did we get here? Well, each of us probably had a different journey although what is sure is that we all passed through 2019 to reach this point. So how was 2019 for Vortex?


Phew! It’s been an exhausting year for Vortex machines, with a fully booked cluster sending, running and receiving thousands of WRF jobs requested by all of you around the world. Standout services provided this year include the massive complete 1980 to real-time ERA5 stream implementation and the global downscaling we built for the World Bank Global Wind Atlas project. But just as important as these huge processes was every single user run that needed to take off and land safely and on-time. Because time is critical when projects are piling up on a wind analyst’s desk. Most of you know what I mean! Anyhow, what makes our record of runs in 2019 really special is what it actually means: that many many projects will become real wind farms in a few years’ time. Congratulations!


A busy year for our machines is also a happy year for our company, Vortex. But at the end of the day, our project is a group of people contributing to a common goal: to bring wind modeling closer to you. And, while this year we reached our 300,000th (5 digits, yes!) and next year Vortex will celebrate its 15 birthday, I have also realized that on our quest to achieve this objective, Vortex has reached a certain level of maturity. That said, this maturity won’t stop us from keeping our eyes open for more discoveries


We don’t intend to solve every problem alone -we know that there are things to improve or we just need to wait for more developments and we certainly rely on the know-how and experience of our users (you actually) to make our data and information really valuable. We trust that the farming of model wind data from our green CPU garden will be wisely employed to boost wind project development and generate clean energy for the energy transition we need. Is this not a collective objective we should all be proud of?


2020 will be the year we launch our new spin-off project, Climate Scale: a new platform to help you understand and assess the physical risks of a changing climate. Remember, eyes open for more discoveries.

So, keep in touch, have a fantastic 2020 and let’s keep our wind technology contributing to making A better world.

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