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Vortex and the Economy for the Common Good

Besides leading our Solar Department, Patrícia (photo) is also Director of Happiness at Vortex and today she is happy because, according to Vortex policy, she is able to take her birthday off work to spend with her two year-old child. This is one of the perks we offer staff that have led to Vortex being granted the 2014 Innovative Company in Conciliation and Time Prize by Barcelona Council (<a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEHhqbvcd84 target=“_blank”>video</a>).

You may think that the above has nothing to do with you as a Vortex customer but, according to the reputed economist Christian Felber’s Economy for the Common Good, companies will be evaluated in the future by their contribution to the weel-being of society as a whole (including their own workers).

Should you have any question about Vortex happiness policy? please, contact Patricia.

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