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2018: We haven’t met our objectives

Well, the truth is, we don’t know if we have achieved all our goals because we’ve never had an official document setting out the objectives for each year. What we do know is that we have not stopped calculating, researching, participating in events, solving doubts and being part of the transition to a better world.

We just realized that this year, our cluster has calculated what a single computer would have taken to do in 2,920 years! Always using green energy. If we had known before that we were capable of this, we would have established it as a goal for this year, although imposing targets goes against our DNA, since we like to strive every day to be better and to be amazed by things we did not think we were capable of achieving.

We have managed to map the global wind resource at 3km resolution thanks to our cluster and our technicians Oriol, Albert and Pau. It has been an arduous job, and together as a team, we have achieved it, without the need to set it as an objective at the beginning of 2018.

We have continued to implement improvements in our system so the information we offer is increasingly accurate: using new reanalyses, with the help of Elies (many of you should know him as “support” ;)), and adding new features to the products, such as Remodeling.

Alex, with his passion for science and under the visionary guidance of Pep, our CEO, has developed the Vortex product that has revolutionized wind resource modelling: Vortex LES (Large Eddy Simulation).

This year we have expanded our technical team with recently graduated young talent, Marta and Martín, with some of the academic records of their graduation, which will surely bring fresh and innovative ideas.

German and Aina have closely followed up on each proposal to always offer the technical and economic solution that best suits each case. While Jordi, who loves to solve new challenges that arise in markets such as India, where offshore projects are being promoted, has been raising the profile of our Vortex LES as the ideal solution for cases where there is no measured data.

Because our goal and Gil helps us achieve it, is to research, solve challenges, provide solutions and disseminate our knowledge to the wider community. This is why Vortex exists.

We have always believed in a job well done as a company philosophy, as a way to advance, grow and continue. We believe in offering you a good service, in solving your doubts and adding value to your proposals.

But first and foremost, Vortex’s most important objective, which Pep has always insisted on, is the happiness of those who are part of this project. Our cluster and all computers need people with talent and commitment to operate them but also people who are settled in all areas of their life, both personal and professional.

Me, who is writing this, Patricia, is a woman, mother, friend, companion, worker, daughter and sister, and I cannot separate any of these roles; but Vortex has made me very happy working here because it has allowed me to balance every aspect of both my family and work life. The same can be said of every member of Vortex’s seventeen-strong team.

At Vortex, we are a great team of professionals and we admire each other, not only for our abilities but also for the human value of each one of us. This makes Vortex a special company that goes beyond just corporate social responsibility, and even though we do not set objectives at the beginning of the year, we do have a shared goal: to be happy, and we can proudly say that, once again, we have fulfilled it!