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*Large Eddy Simulations by Vortex

Have you ever wished to have a time series of measurements at each turbine position of your planned or existing wind farm?
Now, you can get something outstandingly similar!

Vortex LES main characteristics:

  • Powered by NCAR’s cutting-edge WRF-LES model
  • 1 full-year, 10’ averages, 3’’ std. dev. (speed & direction) and gust (speed)
  • All heights included for shear and veer calculation
  • Available anywhere; no measurements needed
  • Delivered in 5-6 days>

After a 100+ site validation, Large Eddy Simulations comes of age:

In recent decades, NCAR’s WRF-LES model has “silently” being developed, mainly for academic purposes. Today, after an ambitious validation exercise in collaboration with Vestas, GE and others and partially presented at the American Meteorological Society, we are convinced that it is time for WRF-LES to face wind industry challenges!

Learn more about Vortex LES by watching our launch webinar presented at WindEnergy Hamburg on September, 29th.