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Introducing new Vortex Interface

You Asked, We Listened


After working very closely with our users and listening to your needs, we’ve tried to put it all together in a new Interface version. We’re very excited to introduce this latest release to you and hope that it helps you make your wind resource assessment more straightforward than ever.

We are pleased to present our renewed interface, where you can get modeled wind resource data, for any stage of your wind farm development project, in easy and ready-to-use formats.

Vortex interface now has a new design, new features, and it’s even easier to use. 

  • We’ve gone for a far higher quality global wind resource map from 9 to 1km horizontal resolution. We’ve also added a few more global map layers. You can choose between three different heights to show wind speed and also solar irradiation. Furthermore, anomaly wind speed map layers are now available for overlaying on the global map.
  • The color scale shows you the wind speed as you pass your mouse over the map, but if you want even more precise data, click on the map, and a wind rose, and wind speed figures will pop up.
  • In this new version of the interface, we have organized the content in three tabs: Free, New, and Runs. 
  • In the “Free” tab, you will be able to find all your free runs (6-month Vortex SERIES or Terrain files) and classify them by project and request a new free run.
  • From the “New” tab, you can submit any product.
  • On the “Runs” tab, you’ll find your submitted runs organized in folders by project. Each run icon will appear on the global map and clustered if there are more than two of them closely enough.
  • You can also view your runs in a list and manage the calculations queue by dragging and dropping the runs.
  • Now you have a filter to find your runs easily
  • You can find all user settings top-right of the screen: language, your user plan, tokens left (in case you have a subscription plan), etc.
  • If you are a “Pay per Run” user, we will automatically send you the invoices for your purchases to your mailbox.

Do you still have any questions? Just get in touch via chat or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to help you!

Log in now and discover what the new Vortex Interface can offer.

This new version will be active from the coming Monday, 26th of April, on your account. We can’t wait for you to give it a go!