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Spain’s candidacy to host the ECMWF in Barcelona. 

European technology providing data for the global wind energy market. 


Over the last 15 years, Vortex has been a leading provider of high-fidelity information for analyzing the feasibility of wind projects at thousands of locations worldwide.

Our innovative climate modelling service for the wind industry was possible thanks to having access to the latest and best climate data produced by the ECMWF and C3S and by being at the heart of one of the most attractive technology hubs in Europe: a multidisciplinary ecosystem of innovative talent, European cosmopolitanism and an excellent place to live and share your ideas that is Barcelona. 

At Vortex, because we know what the service provided by the ECMWF requires and because we know what Barcelona can offer to enhance this, we sincerely believe that Barcelona is the best place for the ECMWF to relocate.

The ECMWF and C3S have a crucial role to play in ensuring that European technology leads the way to a greener future and that the most advanced and powerful information climate and weather information services are offered.

Barcelona can provide the best environment for the people building ECMWF and C3S services every day to live and work to enable climate change mitigation and strategies founded on the European values we all share. 

Vortex endorses Spain’s candidacy to host the ECMWF in the best place it can be: Barcelona. 

Learn more about the candidacy here: www.ecmwfbarcelona.eu