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Topography and roughness vector maps new free feature in vortex interface

In addition to the world wind 9-km resolution map and 6-month time series for corporate users available in VORTEX interface, we have now launched a new topography and roughness vector maps service. Just enter the central coordinates and map area you are interested in to receive detailed, up-to-date topography and roughness vector maps straight to your desktop. To our knowledge, Vortex is the first free dispatcher of vector-formatted roughness data specifically designed for the wind industry.

The main characteristics of these vector maps are:

  • Topography at 100-m resolution
  • Roughness at 300-m resolution
  • Available areas: 100 km², 400 km², 1600 km² and 3600 km²
  • Topography source: SRTM
  • Roughness sources: ESA Globcover 2009
  • Downloable in WAsP and WindPro format
  • Any coordinates worldwide
  • Free-of-cost

Downloaded maps are fully editable.

Just sign in to VORTEX interface and click on the Terrain tab at the top of the left-side Interface menu (access to this new feature is restricted to corporate accounts)