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Wind Farm Performance Assessment

Investors, developers & banks, with help of wind farm operation team, try to capture 100% wind at their farms, but then at very few wind farms have wake free wind measurements available as a theoretical reference to assess the performance of wind farm.

Except for July, anomaly indication is very localised with vast change when we go several km at another wind farm location. So, we do encourage to carry, wind farm level hourly & sector-wise performance assessment study, in reference to clean wind information.


We prepare ‘Clean Wind Information’ by using our WRF-modeled hourly time-series data tool & wake free measurements (WRA mast data) for any period earlier to the construction of wind farm. This wake free data is used to calibrate model output & clean wind information is provided in remodelled hourly series.




This clean wind information is used to carry out performance assessment of wind farm. So, WRF, together with Vortex Remodeling technology, is the main contributor to get accurate hourly wind information.


Anomaly maps and predictions shall be useful, but performance assessments done in reference to clean wind information, can only help to reach real reasons for if any underperformance and correct those things in coming months to improve performance.