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Cookies Policy

Updated March 10th, 2021

1. Ownership

The webpage: https://vortexfdc.com/ (hereinafter, “WEB”), property of VORTEX FACTORIA DE CÀLCULS, S.L. (hereinafter, “VORTEX”) uses the Technology denominated ̈cookies ̈.

2. Definition and Functions of Cookies:

The cookies are small files that are sent by the navigator and are stored on the hard disc of the user ́s computer through their browser when connected to a website. Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and recover the information about the habits of the user ́s browsing activity or their equipment and depending on the information they contain and the manner they use their equipment can be used to re-connect with the user. Cookies can have a unique identifier but do not contain a personal identification number, like your name or electronic mail address.

3. Classification of Cookies:

The cookies can be classified by different parameters:
Depending on their purpose cookies can be defined as follows:
The specific uses and purposes that VORTEX does with the cookies of the WEB are described below.

4. The Use and Purposes of Cookies:

VORTEX ́s WEB uses the technology denominated ̈cookies ̈ with the purpose of collecting the information of use done by the user of the WEB with the aim of allowing the user to access the contents adequately, to analyze their browsing preferences, and differentiate them from other users with the aim of allowing the user to access adequately the contents of the WEB.

5. Cookies Used on the Web and Personal Data Protection:

The WEB of VORTEX uses its own cookies and third-party cookies. Its own cookies serve to establish the information about the language of the user of the WEB page and the third-party cookies allow to connect the use that the user does of the WEB. In no case do the cookies process data of personal character.
Data of personal character of the users are not collected through the WEB.
Our own cookies:
Name Purpose Duration
_idioma It serves to establish the language of the browser 24 hours
Sample #2 Row 2, Content 1 Row 2, Content 2
Sample #3 Row 3, Content 1 Row 3, Content 2
Third-party cookies:
Name Owner Purpose Duration
_g Google Analytics Serves to collect anonymous statistical data of the use of the WEB page Persistent
_hs messages Utk Hubspot Serves to collect anonymous statistical data of the use of the web page Persistent
The cookies get activated every time the user accesses the WEB or if the cookies on the browser have been eliminated.

6. Configuration of the Cookies According to the Browser:

The user has the option to allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed on their informatic device through the configuration of the options of the installed browser. On deactivating the cookies, it is possible that some available services will stop operating. The manner to disable the cookies is different for every browser. Notwithstanding the fact that it can normally be configurated from the menu TOOLS or OPTIONS. The user can also consult the menu Help on the browser to obtain more instructions. The user can, in any moment, choose which cookies they want to function on the web page.
Furthermore, the user can access the links to find information about how to configure and manage cookies on the main browsers:

7. Consent to Use the Cookies and the Operation of the Web:

The user can, at any moment, revoke their consent to use the cookies. In order to do so, they will have to deactivate the cookies of the Web by accessing: ́Configurate cookies ̈ or following the instructions of the previous section depending on the browser they use.
The revocation of the consent and, thus, the deactivation of the cookies can impede the correct operation of certain functions of the WEB.

8. Updating and Modification:

VORTEX can modify the present information on cookies of the WEB when necessary and therefore we recommend revising this POLICY of cookies from time to time. Likewise, when there are significant changes on the POLICY of COOKIES, VORTEX will inform you promptly on the WEB.