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Let my people go hiking

We like to think we do things well, not just in purely technical terms but also as an organization. In fact, the two are interconnected. We mustn’t forget that although Vortex uses machines, those running the SERIES, MAPS and LES calculations, those who program them, manage the projects and deal with the day-to-day so everything works as it should do, are people. I’ve underlined this because I believe it’s something really important to consider.

As people, we juggle lots of things in our lives (family, personal matters and work) and it is essential that everything is balanced so we feel good. The norm in the past has always been to dedicate the most time to work –in other words, sacrifice the other parts of our life to work– and for obvious reasons. Without a wage, it would be difficult to have a home with the basics such as food and therefore lead a dignified life, which would be the first step to enjoying a certain level of emotional well-being.

All workers are people and so we interact in all facets of our life. Consequently, drawing on the essence of the values on which human relationships are founded (empathy, trust, respect, honesty, equality, loyalty), Vortex’s totally innate and inherent business philosophy centres around the well-being or, as some people prefer to call it, the happiness of its staff.

This philosophy translates into measures to achieve a proper work-life balance such as flexi-time, more vacations and homeworking. We also like to come together regularly in more relaxed spaces to take part in different activities, celebrate our successes or simply enjoy a drink. These are times to have a laugh, face daily problems, strengthen the bonds between us and (why not) work from a different angle, in a different environment that enables us to open our minds to new solutions and be more creative.

Our birthdays are “ours” to enjoy as we so wish. Equally, anyone who wants can take the afternoon off on other special days in the year such as Saint George’s Day when they can stroll around the bookstalls that pop up around Catalonia on this feast day. However, drawing on this approach, which is part of Vortex’s DNA, we also listen and observe to assign tasks and responsibilities that further motivate and fit with each of us. This means we don’t only work in a more relaxed environment, where we feel respected as moms, dads, partners, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, but are also able to further our careers in those areas we know how to do best or motivate us the most professionally.

You’ve probably asked yourself, so what does Vortex gain from this as a business? While it may first appear that these benefits are only for staff, they are equally so for the organization: motivation is boosted and professional development enhanced; the staff’s commitment is strengthened; and they help attract and retain talent, create a sense of pride and increase creativity. It’s a far more direct return than it may first appear; however, the benefits mustn’t be just the goal of this philosophy; there also needs to be the staunch belief that this should be The Way that a business should operate.

In recent years, Vortex has demonstrated the quality of its products and acting as pioneers in applying new methodologies. But this isn’t just down to the team’s technical skills, knowledge and experience but is also the fruit of the dedication and commitment of everyone in Vortex because we feel respected and appreciated as who we are: people.

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