Solar Time Series

Vortex Solar SERIES span look back more than two decades, providing homogeneous and accurate long-term irradiance time-series, anywhere. Site-adaptable to your local measurements by means of proprietary ReModelling technology.

When to use SERIES?

When trends over time are required for your analysis and/or when local short-term measurements are available

Technical details:

  • Any location world-wide, both on and near-shore.
  • Hourly GHI, DNI & DIF, temperature & wind speed. All in one single package.
  • Monthly averages included at no cost.
  • 3 km resolution, centered on the selected point.
  • 20+ year-long.
  • No gaps (thanks to mixed satellite-modeling technology).
  • Updated monthly at no cost.
  • Site-adapted to your local measurements at no cost.
  • Unlimited 6-month samples.
  • Selectable time zone to match measurements timestamp.
  • Uncertainty repport included with each SERIES.

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