Turbulence wind time series

Have you ever wished to have a (turbulence) measurements time-series at each turbine position of your planned or existing wind farm?
Now, you can get something outstandingly similar: Vortex Large Eddy Simulation time series.

When to use LES?

When no measured wind is available (or reliable) to characterize mean flow and turbulence.

Technical details:

  • 10-minute time series simulated at 100 m horizontal resolution.
  • Any location worldwide, both on and off-shore.
  • No measurements needed.
  • 1-full year period: selectable or long-term representative.
  • Physically computed 10-min average records.
  • Based on 4-Hz samples, including 3-second gust.
  • Wind speed standard deviation for turbulence intensity calculation.
  • All heights included from 50 to 300 m allowing for shear and veer calculation.
  • ECMWF ERA-5 reanalysis.

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