Historical wind time series

Once you have enough local measurements at your potential wind farm site, it is time for the serious decisions: MCP for long-term extrapolation is one of them. Vortex SERIES will provide you with the best correlation for most of your sites but this is for you to check. Download 6-months time series free of cost prior to purchasing.

When to use SERIES?

When local measurements are already available and long-term extrapolations are required.

Technical details:

  • Any location worldwide, both on and offshore.
  • 3 km resolution, centred on the selected point.
  • 10, 20 and 30* years-long, hourly data.
  • Selectable source: NCEP, NASA and ECMWF.
  • Wind speed and direction, temperature & pressure.
  • Stability variable RMOL (Monin Obukhov Lenght inverse). NEW!
  • Selectable time zone to match measurements timestamp.
  • Updated monthly at no cost (conditioned to Reanalysis availability).
  • Long-Term Consistency Analysis (Contact us to request a sample report).
  • Free 6 months samples since Jan 1, 2001.
  • Remodelling (enhanced MCP). Technical details here (Tortosa et al. 2014)
  • TXT files for WindPro, WindFarmer, Windographer, etc.

*based on ERA5 reanalysis.

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