A reliable weather and energy production forecast is critical to build an efficient wind farm asset management strategy. Vortex forecasts have been designed with accuracy in mind.

Why Vortex Forecast?

Vortex FORECAST uses a combination of up to 36 different algorithms in an attempt to deliver the best forecast current technology can provide. Based on state-of-the-art modeling technology and input data, Vortex optimizes outputs from weather models using site-specific information gathered through powerful adaptive statistical techniques, and delivers results through the client’s preferred channel.

How is our approach different?

Vortex FORECAST is based on a 3rd generation forecast approach: while pioneer prediction schemes (based on downscale-modeling) were outperformed by simpler second generation ones (based on statistical training only), Vortex approach takes the best of the two worlds introducing a new combined scheme that has demonstrated to improve forecast quality.

Do you already have a forecast provider?

Even if you already have one, Vortex FORECAST can be a perfect complement to increase your predictions performance by combining both in an ensemble:”A smart combination of several forecasts performs better than the best of its members.” — EWEA Wind Power Forecasting Workshop. Rotterdam 2013.

FREE global forecast map.
FREE 9km resolution wind speed and wind rose.

The accuracy and a fast response service are mandatory in Power Forecast for Grid Management and Wind Forecast for Operational and Maintenance.

The ultimate tool to put your wind farm performance data in context using monthly updated, long-term past and near-future anomalies.