Gridded Time Series & WRG

Vortex BLOCKS is a GIS file, a WRG file, a TAB file, and it is a sub-hourly time series at any grid point. All of them can be obtained by filtering through different variables such as time of day, season, or stability.

When to use BLOCKS?

  • When you need more than the joint distribution of wind speed and direction for your wind energy analysis across the whole study area.
  • When you plan a precise curtailment strategy.
  • When you need to filter custom distributions, for example, by season, time of day, or stability.
  • When you need to discriminate WRG or other 2D files by any of the variables above.

Technical details:

  • Simulated at 100 m horizontal resolution.
  • Fully selectable areas in terms of size, location, and orientation.
  • Areas up to 1500 km².
  • One-year 30-minute time series at any grid point.
  • Possible to calibrate with measurements: 4D Remodeling.
  • Output formats: KML, ESRI grid, WRG files, WRB files, and TXT format compatible with multiple sites management by OpenWind.
  • Available heights between 30 m and 300 m.
  • User-defined sector WRG files.
  • User-defined WRG & GIS filters, allowing for time selection or variable conditioning filters.

Vortex BLOCKS is the natural evolution of FARM. It has the same modeling technology that has been used in hundreds of projects and is extensively validated, but it goes a step beyond.

We store now the full simulations on our servers, allowing customized deliverables to be generated after a run has finished. This features extraction of time series at any location in the requested domain, user-defined filters for WRG & GIS layers, and improved 4D remodeling.

As BLOCKS is delivering time series in addition to WRG & GIS files. We compute a specific one-year period or a long-term representative. In this case, we simulate a 365 consecutive day period as the most representative of the long term and use the well-tested “rolling one-year” method employed in our LES product. 

We have used the knowledge we have gleaned together with new storage solutions. We have added a set of new innovative tools to offer client-customized solutions that adhere to the Vortex philosophy: on-demand and fully automated.

Learn more about BLOCKS in this video tutorial or the webinar.

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