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Gap fill

Vortex LES Gap Fill tool and NRG System working together towards 100% availability of wind measurements.

Gil-BardajĂ­ added, ‘At Vortex, we see our partnership with NRG as a first step towards a hybrid model of measurements and modeled data that we expect will become a future industry standard. Such an approach, if clearly documented, will complement the strengths of both models and measurements. The former never have gaps, the latter is the reality. The ultimate benefit of the collaboration between NRG and Vortex will be a 100% availability of data packages by NRG, mixing their measurements with our synthetic data. It has been very useful for us to develop wind energy tools in collaboration with NRG, the company leader of the sector.’

NRG plans to conduct further proof-of-concept tests for various use cases in which the Vortex LES product, Lidar observations, and GapFill can be combined for deeper project insights, increased confidence in observational data, and Lidar system deployment strategy decision-support. Our goal is to develop strategies for handling and processing Lidar data ahead of model integration as well as GapFill refinement for slight variations in optimal output for various use cases. Arntsen, said, ‘We are lucky to work with a group like Vortex that shares our vision for higher-value synthesized data products, and it has been extremely beneficial and enlightening to have access to their deep expertise and valuable perspective on these topics.'”