Extreme wind speed events

Vortex EXTREMES generates detailed datasets (10min and 3 seconds records based on 4 Hz samples) to help load engineers analyze extreme events beyond the usual Vref calculations under different return periods.

When to use EXTREMES?

When valuable data on extreme wind speed events, that may affect wind farm design, cost and lifetime, is needed without being only limited to the Vref analysis.

Technical details:

Vortex EXTREMES has been designed thanks to the ability of WRF-LES technology to provide 10-minute modeled data and the availability of 30 years of reanalysis datasets. It is focused on generating accurate datasets to help the load engineers analyze extreme wind speeds and calculate the Vref magnitude under different return periods, offering the possibility of enhancing the model results through observations using a statistical methodology to specifically adjust the maximum wind speeds. The calibration process provides a complementary deliverable comprising a 180-day time series at 10-minute temporal resolution which is now adjusted to the measurements. The calibrated output can be used to derive a better yearly maxima analysis as well as a more accurate Vref estimate.

Vortex EXTREMES delivers a 180-days time series (6 complete days time series per year for each of the last 30 years) at 10-minute temporal resolution generated under WRF-LES technology. The deliverable includes the following variables: wind speed, wind direction, the standard deviation of wind speed and wind direction, 3-second gust, pressure, Richardson number and vertical wind speed. Results are available at any hub height between 50 and 300m above ground.

  • Available at any location worldwide, both on and off-shore.
  • 10-minute time series simulated at 100 m horizontal resolution using LES technology for the 6 extreme events (24 h) of each year, that means a 180-days time series.
  • A report that includes: Gumbel fit, Vref values and yearly maximum wind speeds.
  • All heights included from 50 to 300 m.
  • Possibility of calibration with observations.
  • Hurricane and typhoon report based on storms track data provided by NOAA.

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