Wind Farm Icing Probability

Vortex ICING provides a fairly reasonable estimate of the combined probability of frost and wind between critical thresholds.

When to use ICING?

Before the decision of starting development in cold-climate must be taken.

Technical details:

  • Any region worldwide, both on and off-shore.
  • 100 m horizontal resolution.
  • Fully selectable areas in size (up to 400 kmĀ²), location and orientation.
  • Maps of minimum temperature and maximum density.
  • 6 decreasing temperature thresholds.
  • Maps of days per year with temperatures below thresholds.
  • Maps of hours per year with icing rate above critical threshold .
  • Table wind speed and direction during icing periods.
  • Based on 10 years simulations.
  • Exportable to Google Earth KML and ESRI grid.
  • Makkonen Ice Accretion time series up to 30 years based on ERA5 reanalysis. (NEW!!)

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